Together with my wife and children we decided to start our own business – and that’s in a nutshell how BREWINE began.

How did Brewine begin? – Here’s the story…

I got fired. I shit you not, that’s exactly what happened.

With hindsight however I can now say fortunately so, because no brilliant plan was ever sprouted by a guy sitting in a cushy 9 to 5 with a steady income. It takes a full-blown catastrophe to inspire an idea like this!

When the shit hit the fan – I observed my new and unexpected view from a cliff – literally – and tried to digest this monumental f-up that had just yanked me right out of my comfort zone! Did I see it coming? No, completely and utterly dumbstruck!

Fortunately, in a situation like this, the knee-jerk reaction is to start thinking – and think fast. Which I did. I thought about my family, our home, our lives and the enormous negative impact the loss of my job was about to have on us all, our lives, our lifestyle and the many things we had probably been taking for granted. The image I saw was paralysing.

But as a proud husband, a father and provider, with a relatively ambitious head on my shoulders, I decided to look at my strengths and qualities, the things I enjoyed most and the resources I had. Most importantly my support system, my wife & children who, in spite of this life-changing calamity, I wasn’t going to let down.

Almost overcome by the fear of the unknown, (almost, but not entirely) I chose to turn this nasty surprise into a cracker of an opportunity! One than not only saves my bacon, but one that would involve my family too – who would from the get-go be a pivotal part of this challenge – and a character-building business adventure!

So, over a glass of wine (ok several, let’s be honest) I decided there and then to no longer give a sip! (“Don’t give a sip” has since become our mantra) but instead I chose to take the bull by the horns and charge with it! Together with my wife and children we decided to start our own business – and that’s in a nutshell how Brewine SA began.



We can provide a turn-key solution for buyers own-brands or personalised wine brands.

We’re pretty connected. So, if you’re looking for bulk wine for whichever purpose (binge or business) we’re able to source, supply – and deliver!